Stakeholder engagement platform and priority setting partnership for research and implementation in fundamental care in hospital

Theme 3

Fundamental Care in Hospital

Researcher team: Ball, J., Ballinger, C., De Iongh, A., Griffiths, P.

In the face of the multiple fundamental care issues and wide range of possible solutions, combined with limited capacity (both within and without the CLAHRC), prioritisation is essential to ensure efforts are focused on important topics with potential to impact practice and benefit patients.

The aim of the prioritization exercise was to identify priorities for research related to fundamental care delivery in hospitals. Through a process of engagement with members of the public, service users, clinicians and managers, key research areas in fundamental care were identified:

  • Nurse staffing

  • Individualised patient care

  • Information about care

  • Staff communication

  • Staff attitudes/relationships with patients

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Partners on this project
  • University of Southampton
  • University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust