Developing and measuring effectiveness of self-management resources for people with long-term conditions

Theme 5

Engagement with Self Directed Support

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  1. Collective efficacy measure.

  2. We want to develop a new tool to measure how effective people’s personal communities (social networks) are in providing support for long-term condition management. We will be working with people with a range of long-term conditions and people who care for them who will help us develop a long list of relevant questions. We will send this out to a larger group of people with long-term conditions and use statistical analysis to come up with a short list of suitable and viable questions. From this we will develop a questionnaire.

  3. Self-management modelling.

  4. We will be working with experts in operational research and modelling in the methodological hub to create models to help plan adoption and scalability of a social network approach to provide self-management support. We will have a focus on mobilising support outside routine health service provision.

  5. Analysis of network typologies.

  6. We want to use the data we have gathered to study the characteristics of people’s support networks and come up with a description of the types of network that form the personal communities of people with long-term conditions. We will explore how the different networks support self-management and how they are associated with health and wellbeing.

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Partners on this project
  • University of Southampton
  • Solent NHS Trust
  • Isle of Wight NHS Primary Care NHS Trust
  • NHS Isle of Wight CCG