Integrated Sexual Health Service demand forecast and clinic location analysis in Hampshire.


  • CLAHRC Wessex Data Science Hub – Dr Rudabeh Meskarian and Marion Penn
  • Solent NHS Trust
  • Hampshire County Council
  • Southampton and Portsmouth City Councils

The problem:

Solent NHS Trust provides a fully integrated Sexual Health Service across Hampshire. The service provides outpatient services for GUM (STIs testing and treatment), contraceptive and reproductive health (including termination of pregnancy and vasectomy), sexual health promotion and a Sexual Assault Referral Centre.  

There are two main types of clinic, central hubs and smaller spokes. Most hubs have a high footfall, which has caused difficulties with waiting times and demand management, resulting in turn away. 

The solution:

CLAHRC Wessex Data Science Hub collaborated with Solent NHS Trust to develop a location analysis of GUM services in light of new online interventions to reduce the number of low risk users of the service.  This involved forecasting future demand for different aspects of the service over the next 3-5 years, identifying the number of clinics required, whilst considering the optimal clinic locations that minimise travel times for patients. A decision making tool was also developed to assist stakeholder in future planning.

The outcome:

Based on this approach we were able to identify optimal location for the clinics that would provide an appropriate coverage across the Hampshire over the next 5 years. This resulted in a reduction of number of clinics and associated cost. While there might be some restriction on the chosen sites, the decision making tool allows the stakeholders to explore the effect of alteration in chosen clinics and its impact on demand and travel time.

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