COMPLETE: Modelling sexual health clinic capacity.

This work has received an EPSRC Vacation Bursary.

·        Collaborator:

  • CLAHRC Wessex Data Science Hub - Dr Tom Monks
  • Solent NHS Trust

Dr Thomas Monks, Penn, Meskarian, Williams.




Research aims and questions

To assist the planning of sexual health service provision in Hampshire by conducting a location analysis using both current and predicted patient need. Identify the number of clinic locations required and their optimal geographic location that minimise patient travel time.




A facility location model for analysis of current and future demand for sexual health services


Magazine article:



The results show that the clinic locations could be reduced from 28 to 20 and still keep 90% of all patient journeys by public transport (e.g. by bus or train) to a clinic within 30 minutes. The number of clinics could be further reduced to 8 if the travel time is based on car travel times within 15 minutes. Results from our simple solution method compared favourably to the exact solution

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