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Methodological expertise for the CLAHRC Wessex Themes

The Hub contains expertise in qualitative research, statistics, clinical informatics, operational research and health economics. We work in collaboration with the CLAHRC themes in the design and delivery of their research programmes. The Hub also methodological provide support to the CLAHRC postgraduate students in their studies and aims to develop the research capacity of the Wessex CLAHRC.

Modelling research for CLAHRC Wessex Partners

In the complex world of healthcare provision and commissioning the need for decision support is ever present. The methodological has the advanced modelling and simulation expertise to assist healthcare professionals and service users make timely and informed decisions in the healthcare implementation problems. Modelling and simulation has been applied in a wide range of contexts from predicting the four hour waiting time target in accident and emergency department to modelling a whole system of care.

Paper published with trial evidence providing support for our work on networks and links to community resources.

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