Theme 3: Fundamental Care in Hospital


  • NEW Improving Fundamental Care on Hospital Wards - dissemination of our key projects.

  • Identifying effective strategies and obstacles to delivery.

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  • COMPLETE: A feasibility study to develop the Quality of Interactions Schedule (QuIS) for use as an outcome measure in acute hospital care.

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  • Priority setting for research into Fundamental Care in Hospital

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  • Systematic review of interventions to promote compassionate care by nursing staff.

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  • Study of knowledge, beliefs, and behaviours of hospital staff involved in patient monitoring to identify staff and organisational factors affecting performance of scheduled night time observations.

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  • COMPLETE: The association of shift characteristics and nursing missed vital observations and sickness absence. Retrospective observational study using routinely collected data.

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  • Dementia and cognitive impairment in acute care: detection, healthcare pathways and patient outcomes.

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Professor Peter Griffiths
Professor of Health Services Research - Theme 3 co-lead

Professor Lisette Schoonhoven
Professor of Nursing - Theme 3 co-lead

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Tue 3rd September 09:00-16:00
Chilworth, Southampton

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