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Professor Peter Griffiths named as senior investigator by National Institute for Health Research

23 March 2017

Professor Peter Griffiths, Chair of Health Services Research at the University of Southampton, and Nursing workforce lead for NIHR CLAHRC Wessex has been awarded by the NIHR.

He joins Professor Anne Rogers as one of the 200 NIHR senior investigators. The honour is decided by a competition every year and recognises the research expertise of an individual in their particular field.

Professor Griffiths has published a number of internationally recognised studies looking at nurse staffing and staff performance.

"Despite huge technological advances delivering health care is an essentially human activity, which remains labour intensive. Ensuring we have the right workforce and organisation to deliver high quality and safe care with humanity, now and in the future, is the ultimate aim of my research."

Recent Papers

Nurse staffing and patient outcomes: Strengths and limitations of the evidence to inform policy and practice. A review and discussion paper based on evidence reviewed for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Safe Staffing guideline development International Journal of Nursing Studies

A cross-sectional study of ‘care left undone’ on nursing shifts in hospitals Journal of Advanced Nursing

Registered nurse, health care support worker, medical staffing levels and mortality in English hospital Trusts: a cross-sectional study.BMJ Open

Characteristics of shift work and their impact on employee performance and wellbeing: A literature review. International Journal of Nursing Studies

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