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New research with a unique perspective on caring

12 April 2017

Lavelle Niles has joined Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, conducting research into the lives of young carers in our community.

Lavelle, now aged 24, cared for her mother from the age of 8 on the Caribbean  island of Anguilla. She came to the University of Southampton in 2014 to study Healthcare Management, Policy and Research, and is about to enter her final year this autumn.

She is about to start her dissertation looking at the experience of people aged 16-25 years old who care for a member of their family. The research will make use of the Genie social networking tool to examine who supports young carers and to help connect them to community activities and resources.

"Rather than just do research on anything I wanted to examine something that was close to my heart, and that's why using Genie help young people and understand their lives a little more fitted."

"I grew up in a very close knit community of maybe 20,000 people. I was well supported as a young carer, everybody knows everybody."

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