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Researcher and Southampton Nurse Emma Ray walks for Ethiopia

10 October 2017

Emma Ray works with our respiratory research team based at University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and is conducting research into diagnosing and supporting people with serious lung conditions like COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Emma and her colleague Yvette are raising money to help train health staff in Ethiopia.

She writes "Our team of respiratory experts from Southampton Hospital aim to offer health care workers in Ethiopia the necessary skills to help improve patient care working within challenging circumstances.  This work requires the team to travel regularly to hospitals and health care centres across Ethiopia. This partnership has already helped improve the lives of many patients with lung disease in Ethiopia.  Whilst we have already made an impact, as healthcare professionals we can do more."

She has shared her latest fundraising achievement with the team here at CLAHRC Wessex, and is looking for more support.

"Despite the bus getting lost on the way to the start, hiking boot failures and blisters, Yvette and myself completed the 25.5 mile walk the Testway for the Ethiopia fund on Sunday. (October 8)

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds and there was definitely some recover time needed afterwards. "

A big thank you to all those who have sponsored us so far, and if you would still like to make a contribution there’s still time! Please follow the link below

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