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Big data: Working with the AHSN in Wessex to identify the challenges facing our Emergency departments

24 January 2018

 A team from the CLAHRC and AHSN in Wessex has been working to model and analyse data from two major Accident and Emergency departments in the south of England.

Within the AHSN is the Centre for Implementation Science or CIS. The team in CIS and the Data Science team from CLAHRC Wessex has been using data generated by hospitals in Portsmouth and Basingstoke to examinie how A and E departments work.

The analysis and modelling looks at patient numbers anf the flow of patients through the hospital. This information helps NHS managers make decisions about how to organise the Emergency Department and how to cope with high demand at peak times.

What the team has found is that increasingly A dn E departments are showing the 'symptoms' of increased demand, that come from other factors inside and outside the hospital. That insight is backed by some national A and E data (from 2012-2016) which when analysed shows many factors to do with high demand come from external issues.

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