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We need you - Making a difference to the lives of older cancer survivors

23 August 2018

Our researchers have been working for the last 4 years to improve the lives of people living with and surviving serious illness.

As part of that research we often need to speak to people who have experience of illness. It's their stories that can change lives for others.

Dr Teresa Corbett is beginning a fresh piece of research looking at how older people who have survived cancer deal with other illnesses they may have. So in many cases people may have overcome cancer, but live with severe asthma or diabetes. To begin her work Dr Corbett would like to speak to you if you, or someone you know is:

·         Aged over 70

·         Have finished treatment for cancer in the past 2 years OR who are on ‘active surveillance’ or ‘watchful waiting’.

·         Have at least one other long-term health condition or illness


·         if you care for someone who meets the above criteria

If you're interested in taking part: 

Please click on the following link to let her know ASAP:


The event is scheduled for the very near future - Tuesday 4 September (2pm-4pm, Highfield House Hotel, Southampton). So ideally we need to know of interest in this project by Thursday August 30.

Patient and public involvement is vital to the success of the CLAHRC.

We would be pleased to hear from you if you are interested in becoming involved in our research and implementation.

How can I get involved?