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Social media - so what's the big deal and why should I care? A how (if you want to) guide to using Social media - Jamie Stevenson CLAHRC Wessex Communications

16 September 2015

If when you hear people talking about Facebook or Twitter - your ears turn off and you hear blah blah tweet this and like that... then you're not alone. I've heard them referred to as 'Faceache and Twaddle' by one social media denier.

I get it. "Life is just great as it is, I don't need any more complexity or to hear people's opinions." Fair enough, but how often do people read the letters page in the local or national paper, have an opinion on a news story and feel helpless to do anything about it, or want to keep in contact and see what's happening with family abroad or in different parts of the country? That's why started using social media, I also want to keep in touch with people who work in the same field of work as me, find people that can offer me support if I'm stuck on a work or a life problem (!)...

Here is my guide to Social Media  - It's not a perfect document and part of sharing it is so that people can highlight anything I may have overlooked, ask me questions etc. SO please do... I've deliberately kept it short and colourful.

Once you get comfortable with using social media you can find that you can influence discussions and highlight health issues and research - That's why I'd like our supporters and PPI people to have a look and get involved.

Patient and public involvement is vital to the success of the CLAHRC.

We would be pleased to hear from you if you are interested in becoming involved in our research and implementation.

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