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From Evidence to Practice: Implementing Change in Primary Care

20 November 2015

Getting the results of research implemented into routine healthcare is often a challenge.

The missing link between the development and implementation of evidence into practice is called the ‘second translational gap’ and is particularly noticeable in primary care.

A recent study including Professors Anne Kennedy and Anne Rogers from CLAHRC Wessex worked with Hazel Everitt Associate Professor in General Practice Primary Care and Population Sciences looked at identifying, summarising and pulling together all the currently available evidence around this issue.

They carried out a review to:

(1) Explore the barriers and promoters for using research evidence or complex interventions,


(2) Assess effective strategies to promote the use of complex interventions in primary care.

Professor Anne Kennedy met with the National Institute for Health Research and Evaluation. Trials and Coordinating Centre (NETSCC) in Southampton to present her and her colleagues findings:

"The discussion showed us that the NIHR research commissioning organisations are very interested in improving implementation and ways to ensure the research they fund has a real impact in the NHS. Our future focus is likely to be on linking evidence based research more directly to CLAHRCs for implementation and making sure that those applying for research funding have well thought out plans for implementation."

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