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How I came to work with the University of Southampton and CLAHRC Wessex - by PhD student Victoria Navarta-Sanchez

22 December 2014

I have just finished an exchange for one semester (October-December 2015) at the University of Southampton working with the CLAHRC Wessex team. I was supervised by Prof. Anne Rogers, Anne Kennedy and Ivo Vassilev. I'm undertaking a PhD at the University of Navarre (Spain) exploring the process of living with Parkinson's Disease (PD) in patients and their relatives, and looking at Normalisation Process Theory in order to help with the analysis of my research. I have a keen interest in self-management support of long-term conditions patients and implementation of healthcare services in clinical practice. My main activities in this exchange sought to enhance my research skills and the outcomes of my thesis were the following:

§        Attendance at lectures in the Doctoral Research Training Programme and seminars.

        Development of a scoping review about resources available for people with PD and their informal caregivers in England in comparison with Spain. The general conclusion was that in both countries most resources were provided by the charity association Parkinson's UK and Spanish Federation of Parkinson in England and Spain respectively. However, there were a higher number of charities which collaborate with Parkinson's UK.

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