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A study of peoples’ views and experiences of using NHS urgent care services

6 January 2017

What is this about?We are carrying out a study at the University of Southampton to find out more about peoples’ views and experiences of urgent and emergency care.  Who are we looking for?We are looking for people aged 18-25 years, people over 75+ years and people from East European populations who have used an urgent or emergency care service. This might include telephoning NHS 111, visiting a minor injuries unit, NHS walk-in centre or out-of-hours centre, or visiting an emergency department.What would I have to do?The researcher will talk to you on the telephone first and to arrange a convenient time and date to be interviewed at your home (or by telephone if you would prefer). At the interview, the researcher will ask you what you think about urgent and emergency care services, and your experiences of using them. This will take no more than one hour.I’m interested, what shall I do?Please contact Gemma McKenna 023 8059 8841 for more information or to discuss taking part.  We look forward to hearing from youWhat is this study about?We are interested in your views and experiences of urgent and emergency care services. These services include GP out-of-hours, minor injuries units, NHS walk-in centres, NHS 111 telephone service, ambulance services and hospital emergency departments. What is already known?The NHS offers a range of different urgent and emergency services. Research suggests people can be confused by what different services offer and how and when to access them.   Why are we doing it? We are doing this research to find out what people think about urgent and emergency care services in England and how and why they use them. Understanding this will help the people who run the NHS manage the service better for patients. 

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