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Genie to look at the experience of young adult carers

28 March 2017

 According to research by the Children's Society there are estimated to be 700,000 young carers aged between 5 and 17 years old in the UK.

Here at CLAHRC Wessex we are about to start working on some research giving us an insight into the lives and experiences of young carers, using our online networking tool Genie.

Genie has been developed to help people connect with the resources and support network their local community. It has already been used on the Isle of Wight in a pilot phase to help people who manage a long term condition like MS or diabetes for example.

Genie is now expanding to several other new areas across the Wessex region, and has been used more widely to support people with a wide range of conditions, including mental health, dizziness and even isolation and loneliness.  

Most recently, Lavelle Niles, an intern with one of our partners Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, is using Genie to support and understand the experiences of young carers. She will be collecting anonymous data for use in her final dissertation.

You can read more about Lavelle and her project in our news  page and blog.

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