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2018/19 Springboard Programme

14 September 2018

2018/19 Springboard Programme 


led by Professor Catherine Pope



Springboard is a personal development programme for women that has run in over 30 countries. It offers an opportunity to focus on your work and personal life, and builds on your experience and your individual context to help you to make good decisions and set objectives.

The programme includes:

  • 4 one-day workshops - you MUST be able to attend ALL 4 days
  • A personal workbook
  • Inspirational women guest speakers
  • Opportunity to create a supportive network of women researchers within the NIHR CLAHRCs and wider research community.


Topics covered include:

  • Understanding your personal values and skills
  • Getting support
  • Dealing with change, feelings, and stress
  • Assertiveness and confidence
  • Goal setting
  • Listening and making an impact
  • Balancing work lives better to achieve your potential.


Who can attend?
Springboard is women-only. Other programmes may not address specific issues for women and we have found that women researchers have many issues in common and get a huge boost by discovering they are ‘not the only one’. 

The 2018/19 programme is open to Women from the NIHR CLAHRCs, particularly CLAHRC trainees. The cost is £250 per place.

The Springboard programme also welcomes trans women, please contact Catherine Pope if you have particular circumstances which mean you need additional information.

Find out more about the Springboard Women's Development Programme on the Springboard Consultancy website. If you are a man interested in a similar programme, there is one called Navigatorand the website provides contact details for course organisers.


Book now by completing the registration form as soon as possible.



2018/19 Springboard dates:

19 October 2018

19 November 2018

14 December 2018

14 January 2019

All sessions will be located at University of Southampton, Wide Lane, Eastleigh
SO50 5PE
For further information contact WessexCLAHRC@soton.ac.uk