Our Impact

Our impact so far illustrates our success in improving the health of the people of Wessex and the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care.


Developing a tool to help researchers, commissioners and other interested groups to use to measure the impact of social network interventions.

14 August 2019

Management of long-term conditions is recognised as a collective as well as an individual process. But currently, self-management outcome measures are only focused on individuals. There is need for a measure which captures the collective effort relevant to day-to-day management of long-term conditions. The research team here at CLAHRC Wessex has devised a short questionnaire to help measure the effectiveness and impact of social network interventions.

Collective Efficacy - Assessment Tool for your project designed to help you design, plan, undertake  evaluate a social prescribing , self-directed support , or health behaviour change project. The tool has been developed to try to measure shared capacity and support  for self-management and behaviour change.
Download it here

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