Patient and Public Involvement

CLAHRC Wessex supports research that will make a tangible difference to the health of people living in the region. Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is critical to its success, and our talented and friendly team of contributors ensures that our research is relevant and meaningful. Our research is carried out in partnership with the NHS and with universities.

Who we are?

The NIHR considers Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) to be an important part of the research that they fund and there is an expectation for researchers to actively involve the public in their research. PPI engagement is actively encouraged in all CLAHRC Wessex applied health research projects.

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Register and get involved

You may be a patient with a health condition, someone who cares for family or a friend with an illness. You may have an interest in health research, or in improving local health care services. We value your opinion towards supporting the health research we deliver.  Registration is completely free and without obligation.

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Find out more - what would you actually do?

We have a fantastic, thriving community of PPI contributors with a shared passion for improving health care services for the people of Wessex. A very diverse group of people, they bring a variety of different skills and experience to PPI in our organisation.

The role that our PPI contributors play is critical - their involvement helps us to ensure that the research we deliver is meaningful, relevant and well-designed. As a PPI Contributor, there are many ways you might contribute to our applied health research programme; here are just a few examples:

  • Working with researchers and/or members of a voluntary group to agree research priorities.
  • Acting as a member of the research team, to help collect information to answer a specific research question.
  • Working together with members of the local community, to agree how and when research findings should be used within a health service.
  • Developing information leaflets to encourage patients and carers to participate in research.
  • Helping to educate new researchers about how PPI engagement can help and/or improve their research.
  • Sharing in your knowledge and experience of PPI, to help develop and integrate new PPI contributors into the team.
  • Sharing your opinions/views on a range of topics, through our various PPI social media channels.

Registering is quick and easy. You do not need any qualifications and there is no expectation set as to how much we expect you to get involved. We are able to pay you for your time (see 'Benefits of Participation'), and reimburse pre-agreed PPI-related expenses. Once registered, we will send you a 'Welcome Pack' which explains more about what we do, what to expect next, and the ways in which you can get involved if you want to. As and when opportunities to contribute to health research projects arise, should we feel you might be interested, we will reach out by email to provide details about the opportunity.

The personal information you supply when you register with us will be held securely on an internal database; we will never share your data with any third party organisation without your express permission. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the emails that you receive from us, or by using the 'Unsubscribe' link provided to the right-hand-side of this webpage ('Register or Unsubscribe' under 'Links').

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Read our newsletter

Our new quarterly newsletters are designed to provide a succinct summary of headline news from the organisation - both within and without PPI.

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Benefits of participation

Our PPI contributors have complete control over the extent to which they get involved in our work, and are free to accept or decline offers. There are a range of benefits associated with contributing to the PPI programme:

  • You will join a warm, welcoming and friendly community of like-minded individuals, keen to make a difference.
  • The personal satisfaction that you are making a real, critical contribution to applied health research that will make a tangible difference to healthcare delivery in Wessex.
  • Access to relevant training and development opportunities made necessary by the PPI programme.
  • Access to PPI-related social media platforms and events.
  • Remuneration to PPI contributors of up to £20 per hour* and reimbursement of reasonable, pre-agreed PPI-related expenses.
* Activities and associated time constraints to be agreed with Project/Theme Leads prior to claiming.
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Working with the Wessex PIN

NIHR CLAHRC Wessex is one of nine founding members of the Wessex Public Involvement Network (Wessex PIN) - a regional collaboration of staff and PPI contributors working within NIHR organisations across the Wessex area.

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WISeRD stands for Wessex Involvement in Service Research and Delivery. A PPI Advisory Group, WISeRD members are comprised of CLAHRC Wessex Staff (including our PPI Staff Links) and our PPI Champions.

The WISeRD Group advises CLAHRC Wessex on how to involve patients and the public in applied health research and implementation. Jointly chaired by a nominated, experienced PPI Champion and the CLAHRC Wessex Director, the WISeRD Group follows a set of self-determined ground rules for participation (the OSCARS values):

  • O(wn): WISeRD members will each have a sense of and accept responsibility for the collective activities and decisions of the group.
  • S(hare): Members will listen and talk to partner organisations and interested people beyond the WISeRD group to widen its reach and impact.
  • C(ontribute): Each member will take an active and constructive part in the activities of WISeRD.
  • A(ttend): Members will attend meetings whenever possible.
  • R(espect): Members will treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • S(ecurity): Members are expected to respect and abide by ethics and governance requirements.
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What does WISeRD do?

The WISeRD Group provides strategic direction and advice to CLAHRC Wessex about PPI.

This can include:

  • Helping to develop a PPI strategy and annual action plans.
  • Help with the the recruitment of new PPI contributors / organisations who want to help shape our research and implementation.
  • Helping to identify and set research priorities.
  • Promoting the work of CLAHRC Wessex and WISeRD.
  • Representing CLAHRC Wessex at a range of internal and external events.
  • Providing updates on theme-based project work, and contributing to other matters arising at quarterly WISeRD meetings.
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