Jaimie Ellis

Research Fellow

Jaimie has been a Research Fellow and health services researcher. As a sociologist Jaimie's research interests include understanding people's experiences of health and illness and the professional-patient interaction. Jaimie is also passionate about methodological innovation and expanding the social researchers methodological toolbox. Before Jaimie joined the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2013 she was awarded a PhD in Sociology from the National Centre for Research Methods: the University of Southampton. Her PhD research explained why some methods are more appropriate than others when researching the social worlds of autistic children. She has a particular in interest in methodological matters, and believes that everyone should be given the chance to meaningfully participate in research concerning them. Jaimie is a qualitative sociologist and has worked on a Health Foundation funded project titled Self-Management VOICED. Here she explored stakeholder consensus and disparity around the conceptualisation and outcomes of Self-Management. Her current research seeks to understand antibiotic use, with particular attention focusing on the rationale for enacting (or not) a delayed prescription and understanding how knowledge is transmitted through social networks that may influence this rationale.

Projects by Jaimie Ellis