Dr Marion Penn

Research Fellow in Operational Research

Following a BSc. in Mathematics at Bristol University, Marion worked as a PCT Information Analyst and then as a maths teacher, before taking a MSc. in OR at the University of Southampton.Her MSc. dissertation applied System Dynamics to project demand for social services and considered possible interventions to manage local challenges. She received an Award for Excellence for this work.Her PhD. also at Southampton University, explored various aspects of hospital operating theatre scheduling. This included applying multi-objective mixed integer programming to the development of master theatre timetables and using Discrete Event Simulation to compare the effects of using a wide range of booking algorithms for the scheduling of individual operations.After a couple of years as a Teaching Fellow in OR she is enjoying a returning to applied health care problems in NIHR CLAHRC Wessex. Her research interests are applying simulation and linear/integer programming and qualitative OR methods such as cognitive mapping and influence diagrams, in healthcare. She is particularly interested in projects combining mixtures of these methods to the same problem and the additional insight that this generates.

Data Science Projects by Dr Marion Penn