Professor Anne Rogers

Professor of Health Systems Implementation & Director NIHR CLAHRC Wessex - Theme 5 co-lead

Professor of Health Systems Implementation in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton and Research Director of the NIHR CLAHRC Wessex. She is an Academican of Social Sciences and NIHR Senior Investigator.

A health services researcher and medical sociologist, Anne has been a University academic researcher, non-executive Director for an acute NHS Trust and undertaken research in the voluntary sector. She has published 245 peer reviewed journal articles and 9 books in health, medical, social science and policy fields. Anne's research interests have included research in the social and sociological aspects of mental health and illness, users experiences of health care, population health need and demand for care, and how patients adapt to and incorporate new technologies into their everyday life. Her current research interests which are focused in Theme 5 are related to patient systems of implementation for the management of long term conditions and using mixed qualitative methods to evaluate policy interventions at the interface between health care services and self-management. Her research involves addressing how personal and social networks and relationships in domestic and community settings act as a conduit for accessing resources and support for managing long term conditions in a way which complements what is provided by formal service provision.

Projects by Professor Anne Rogers