Professor Tom Wilkinson

Chair of Respiratory Medicine and Honorary NHS Consultant Physician at the University of Southampton and University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust - Theme 1 Lead

Professor Tom Wilkinson was appointed as Consultant and Senior Lecturer to a joint post held between the Respiratory and Nutrition BRUs and allied to the faculty of medicine in July 2010. He was subsequently awarded a HEFCE New Blood Senior Lectureship on the basis of his track record of clinically focused research in COPD and respiratory infection having been recognised as European COPD researcher of the year prior to his move from UCL. Since his appointment in Southampton Dr Wilkinson has raised over £7m for COPD and infection research. Dr Wilkinson's work focuses on understanding the mechanisms which contribute to the vulnerability to and impact of respiratory infections in patients with chronic lung disease. He is co-lead of the Southampton COPD group and is establishing a cohort of deeply phenotyped patients with COPD to determine the mechanisms driving exacerbations of this disease. Close collaborations in Southampton, London and Oxford have been established to uncover the interaction between nutritional status, immune responses and infection. He has contributed to the establishment of unique ex-vivo and in vivo infection challenge models and is clinical lead on the EVITA programme (ex-vivo models of infection and therapeutics in airways disease) which has established a translational pathway for novel therapies from simple cell systems to complex human viral challenge models.

Tom was appointed to the role of Associate Director of Innovation and Enterprise for the faculty of Medicine and has a lead role in fostering major collaborations between industrial partners and the faculty.

Projects by Professor Tom Wilkinson