Liz James

Senior Research Assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences, research lead on Isle of Wight GENIE project

Theme 5 PPI Staff Link

Liz is a Senior Research Assistant and a health services researcher with experience in conducting research and evaluations in the community and voluntary sector and in higher education/NHS. Liz has been involved in a number of evaluations within the public sector, working with Local Authorities, city councils and government departments. She has been the lead researcher several UK wide qualitative studies for the British Heart Foundation and the Stroke Association and has played a significant role in helping to improve service provision through capturing and reporting on the patient experience. Liz has a keen interest in self-management of long term conditions and her current research is focused on how social networks and personal relationships can help people with Type 2 diabetes connect with local resources and activities whilst providing support to manage their health and everyday lives. Liz is also the lead for the Patient and Public Involvement group for theme 5.

Projects by Liz James