COMPLETE - CASCADE study: Identifying variations in outcomes of respiratory care: the basis for targeted interventions

Theme 1

Integrated Respiratory Care

The overall goal of the Integrated Respiratory Care Theme for CLAHRC is to improve the health of patients with COPD and asthma within Wessex, by interventions at each stage in the “care journey” for these patients:

  • Identifying the many symptomatic patients with undiagnosed COPD in Wessex (in order to improve prognosis)

  • By encouraging smoking cessation and exercise programmes and by early commencement of effective medication

Secondly, by identifying variation in outcomes of patients with COPD (in order to highlight underperforming sectors in need of targeted interventions).

Thirdly, by developing training and mentoring for GPs and practice nurses to improve respiratory skills within primary care in Wessex.
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Dr Lucy Rigge

Mark Stafford-Watson

Professor Mike Thomas

Isle of Wight NHS Primary Care NHS Trust

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Solent NHS Trust

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

University of Southampton