COMPLETE: Patient centred practice: Examining ways of reducing the burden of treatment experienced by people with life-limiting conditions

Theme 6

Complexity at End of Life

The problem:
People are living longer often with multiple chronic conditions. The increasing pressure on health professional’s means that work related to illness, previously undertaken by health care professionals, is often delegated to patients or their care-givers.
Patients and care-givers who do not have the capacity to manage this workload may feel burdened by treatment demands.

The solution:
To undertake a qualitative literature study to understand how people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Lung Cancer and their care-givers may experience burden of treatment.

We will also undertake a study to identify and describe this burden by observing and interviewing:
• patients with COPD and lung cancer,
• care-givers
• healthcare professionals
• in outpatient hospital clinics.

Expected outcome:
If we can demonstrate that patients with COPD and lung cancer and their care-givers are burdened by treatment, we can then work towards developing a supportive intervention.
This would aim to prioritise patient preferences, take account of multi-morbidity and seek to reduce the burden of treatment on the patient and care-giver.
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