COMPLETE: A feasibility study to develop the Quality of Interactions Schedule (QuIS) for use as an outcome measure in acute hospital care.

Theme 3

Fundamental Care in Hospital

The problem:
There is widespread international concern that staff-patient interactions within acute hospitals do not always promote compassionate and high quality relational care.

Interventions can be designed and implemented which aim to promote such care but measuring the impact of these interventions is challenging and the development of appropriate measures has been limited to date.

Our solution:
QuIS (Quality of Interactions Schedule) was developed to measure quality and quantity of staff-patient interactions in long term care settings. It is a reliable instrument within this context however its use has not been standardised and its reliability and validity in acute care has not been established.

The impact:

  • Using QuIS to categorise staff-patient interactions within acute hospital settings is feasible and workable.

  • The protocols developed to guide the use of QuIS enable reliable observation by trained observers.

  • There is some evidence that QuIS ratings correlate with patient ratings of quality and their reports of experience

  • These results support the use of QuIS as a measure of the quality of staff-patient interactions in acute care settings, particularly given the absence of alternative definitive tools

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