Priority setting for research into Fundamental Care in Hospital

Theme 3

Fundamental Care in Hospital

The problem:
The provision of high quality fundamental care in hospitals is a top priority for the NHS. Recent reports and investigations highlight that, at times, care has fallen below standard. Variation exists between hospitals, but also between wards within hospitals. Training, staffing levels, leadership, motivation and organisational culture are all implicated in failures of fundamental care. However, research to demonstrate the effect of initiatives is often lacking.

The solution:
Fundamental care’ covers all aspects of basic care in hospital wards. Previously, prioritisation exercises have started with a menu of options and asked people to choose from that list. They have also been focused on specific health conditions. Traditionally, there was not a chance for patients, carers and the public to contribute to this important stage in the research.

The impact:
340 people completed the consultation survey:
• 29% members of the public/patients/carers
• 30% registered nurses
• 22% other staff
• 7% students
• 6% educators/researchers
• 29% others
A conceptual framework was generated for developing the approaches to priority setting, analysis of responses and feedback.
Top 5 priority areas were:
• Nurse staffing
• Individualised patient care
• Staff communication
• Staff attitudes/relationships with patients
• Information about care/communication

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5 top priorities for research to improve fundamental care on hospital wards

Fundamental care on hospital wards: Identifying research priorities