Implementation and evaluating the GENIE tool in Southampton

Theme 5

Engagement with Self Directed Support

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  1. Navigating networks and negotiating relationships with socially isolated elderly people.
    This project is part of the ongoing implementation of GENIE in which we will work with our partners in the Isle of Wight to continue embedding the resource in their integrated care processes. Our partners have identified socially isolated elderly people as a focus for the next phase and intend to use a wide range of facilitators. We will revise the website and training to include access to online resources.

  2. Mobilising valued activities and resources to support mental health recovery and well-being through social network mapping.
    In this exploratory study network mapping will be used to assess people’s personal networks so as to explore the support they utilise to manage their mental health. There will be a focus on understanding the role activities have in maintaining wellbeing.

  3. COPD.
    The GENIE tool will be introduced into the COPD service to identify and understand people’s personal communities of support. There will be a focus on the social importance and value of maintenance exercise therapy to COPD patients, and the aim will be to further build social capacity in this patient group.

  4. Pain clinics.
    GENIE will be used by HCPs in pain clinics. We will collect data to allow a health economics case to be built – by capturing return visits to the clinic we will hope to show that use of GENIE will link people to local support and activities and reduce the need for recurrent contact with clinic.

  5. Type 1 diabetes.
    The GENIE tool will be introduced to people living with Type 1 diabetes who use an insulin pump, who we will work in collaboration with to populate the GENIE tool according to their needs. We will then implement the adapted GENIE tool through insulin pump services with the aim of supporting new pump users with incorporation and adaptation.
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