Brain Imaging in Dementia Study (BRAIID)

Theme 2

Ageing and Dementia

The problem:
The diagnosis of dementia can often be complex, and require various tests. The potential for diagnosis using brain imaging investigations is both under-utilised and poorly optimised.
HMPAO-SPECT imaging is widely available in the UK to support diagnosis of dementia, but full benefit of diagnostic potential is rarely utilised. Uptake is limited by poor reporting, and clinician confidence of imaging results

The solution:
Almost 200 patients have been enrolled in this study which is addressing this problem through follow-up of individuals imaged with SPECT brain imaging which is reported using statistically based imaging analysis. The intention is to (1) better identify patterns of brain dysfunction relevant to diagnosis and prognosis, and (2) evaluate the impact of reporting on clinician diagnostic confidence.

Expected outcome:
This study aims to:
• Improve dementia early diagnosis through better utilisation of brain imaging
• Improve clinician confidence and use of imaging diagnostic reports
• Provide training material to improve skills in clinicians reporting SPECT brain scans
• Improve predictions of prognosis and impending care needs through analysis of diagnostic brain images

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