Palliative care discussion in COPD - Patient preferences and clinicians judgement

Theme 1

Integrated Respiratory Care

The problem.
The majority of patients with COPD do not discuss palliative care with their clinician. Only around 30% of all patients discuss this. This can lead to prolonged futile treatments, to patients not receiving palliative care when nearing the end of life and to poor quality of life. Clinicians find it difficult to start discussions about palliative care with patients, due to the unpredictable character of COPD and to the lack of tools which accurately predict COPD progression. .

The solution.
A qualitative research study has been designed to help understand patients’ preferences and clinicians’ judgements regarding palliative care communication. Approximately 30 COPD patients and 20 healthcare professionals will be recruited into the study.

Expected outcome,
The study will provide valuable information on the following topics:
• Patients’ understanding of COPD, palliative care and future treatments;
• Patients preferences for communication about palliative care with clinicians;
• Factors that impact clinicians’ decisions to start and conduct discussions;
• Differences and similarities between patients’ preferences and clinicians’ judgements
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