Smoking Cessation – improved outcomes in ex-smokers with COPD - COMPLETE

Theme 1

Integrated Respiratory Care

The problem.
Smoking is a major cause of COPD. There is evidence that stopping smoking helps those with mild symptoms but less is known about the impact of stopping smoking on patients with COPD. We used routine clinical data to quantify the current smoking status of patients with COPD, and explored the relationship with all-cause mortality, unplanned respiratory-cause hospitalisation and respiratory-cause emergency department attendances.

The solution.
In Hampshire 16,185 patients were identified with COPD. Over 90% were smokers or ex-smokers.

The data showed that:
• Ex-smokers with COPD have better health than smokers.
• Underweight patients fared worse than overweight and obese patients

The impact.
In addition to other health problems caused by smoking it is increasingly being recognised that patients with COPD also have a high burden of health problems which may not relate to smoking. These contribute to worse patient-centred outcomes and increased health care utilization and mortality.
We are therefore looking at the impact of these other health problems and their treatment on health outcomes for people with COPD.
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