Study of knowledge, beliefs, and behaviours of hospital staff involved in patient monitoring to identify staff and organisational factors affecting performance of scheduled night time observations.

Theme 3

Fundamental Care in Hospital

The problem:
Previous work has provided evidence for what hospital staff should do to provide an effective safety net for patients that could be at risk of deterioration. However a recent study showed that in the hours after midnight up to 47% of patients with ViEWS ≥ 6 (indicating a high level of acuity and a need for frequent monitoring) did not have the necessary observations in the period between 20:00 and 23:59 but it is unclear why they are not done.

The solution:
A detailed study was developed in collaboration with Portsmouth Hospitals Deteriorating Patient Group in response to a real and urgent care deficiency. The group provides a platform to support the implementation of the study and dissemination of the insights obtained to the wider NHS.

Expected outcome:
A final report will be delivered to Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust detailing:
• Factors that impact night time observations
• Strategies to address problems related to the frequency of vital signs observations at night time
• Deliver a short training workshop to nurses and staff to increase adherence of night time observations.
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