COMPLETE: The association of shift characteristics and nursing missed vital observations and sickness absence. Retrospective observational study using routinely collected data.

Theme 3

Fundamental Care in Hospital

The problem:
How shift work is organised affects nurses’ job performance and wellbeing. There are several characteristics of shift work e.g. shift length, overtime, consecutive shifts, fixed/rotating schedules, that can impact on nurse and patient outcomes, but none of these have been studied together.

The solution:
Access to routinely collected data on ward nurses’ shifts patterns data, missed vital signs observations and nurses’ absenteeism was granted.

We achieved a large data set consisting of:
• 630,000 nurses’ shifts in 32 wards of a large Wessex NHS Trust
• 3,300,000 vital signs observations recorded

Expected outcome:
We will model these variables to establish associations between shift characteristics and outcomes.

Once complete, this study has the potential to:
• Provide extended knowledge and criteria to inform shift planning
• Access to robust data to plan safe shifts
• The patients will benefit from the care of a less fatigued and worn out workforce, with lower risks of errors and adverse events
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Dr Alex Recio-Saucedo

Dr Chiara Dall'Ora

Jane Ball

Professor Peter Griffiths

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

University of Southampton