PROJECT COMPLETED: Using routinely collected information to look at the impact of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Theme 4

Public Health and Primary Care

The problem:
Acute kidney injury (AKI, rapid reduction in kidney function) is common and under recognised in the NHS and associated with poor clinical outcomes and high health care costs. A significant proportion of AKI is potentially preventable and ⅔ of AKI seen in hospital is estimated to have arisen in the community. This study will use data in the Hampshire Health Record (HHR).

The solution:
We will aim to:
• Identify the incident rate, risk factors and impact of AKI
• Develop and validate a predictive score for community-acquired AKI
• Evaluate the effect of hospital and primary care AKI e-alerts.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of an AKI-education intervention for hospital clinicians/ and GPs
• Estimate the costs of AKI in Wessex and the cost-effectiveness of the education intervention.

Expected outcome:
For patients:
• Potentially avoid hospital admission and reduce the need for renal replacement therapy.

For hospitals:
• Education and clinical intervention to improve aspects of basic care.
• Monitoring to prevent deterioration of kidney function.

For GP surgeries:
• Improved awareness of AKI and ability of clinicians to detect those at risk.

For the NHS:
• Reduced costs and improved outcome
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Dr David Culliford

Professor Michael Moore

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

NHS Fareham and Gosport CCG

NHS North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG

NHS North Hampshire CCG

NHS Portsmouth CCG

NHS South Eastern Hampshire CCG

NHS Southampton City CCG

NHS West Hampshire CCG

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

University of Southampton

The Hampshire Acute Kidney Injury Study Protocol