Wessex Clinical Networks: Improving Dementia Diagnosis and Quality of Post Diagnostic Care

Theme 2

Ageing and Dementia

The Problem

The Dementia Diagnosis Toolkit was developed by the Wessex Clinical Network and local stakeholders to offer an alternative, high quality dementia diagnosis pathway for those in residential care and in response to the:

  • Prime Minister's 2020 Challenge for Dementia (all people should have equal access to
    assessment for dementia with appropriate post diagnostic support)
  • NHS Five Year Forward View (mandated a national dementia diagnosis rate of 66.7%)

The programme to design and deliver the Diagnosis Toolkit was undertaken in 5 phases:

  1. Development of the Toolkit - working with local stakeholders to understand the local pathways, review clinical best practice and build the Toolkit
  2. Embedding the Toolkit in practice - a Wessex-wide pilot of the Toolkit in use working with GPs and care home managers
  3. Spread and sustainability of the Toolkit in care homes - working with local CCGs to understand the potential inclusion of the Toolkit into commissioned services and pathways
  4. Improving post-diagnostic care and support - a review of the learning from the pilot and evidencing of the impact of diagnosis on post-diagnostic care. Creation of information and support videos and documentation
  5. Refresh and circulation - Refresh of the Toolkit, and circulation of both the Toolkit and videos indicating its use and benefits across Wessex
Supporting materials

The 'refreshed' diagnosis Wessex Dementia Toolkit can be downloaded from the link in the right-hand box:

A series of short videos have also been produced to demonstrate both the Toolkit in use, and also its effectiveness from a number of local professional perspectives:

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