Neuro LTC: Online digital platform towards better supporting patients with chronic neurological conditions.

Theme 2

Ageing and Dementia


Personalised care planning, where service users are actively involved in care management,
has been demonstrated to improve health outcomes and encourage active self-management.
Care planning also provides an opportunity for improved service coordination
and integration. However, the proportion of individuals with a neurological condition
involved in their care planning is very low communication between services is


The NeuroLTC Online Integrated Care Platform is being
developed to support the creation of personalised online care plans for
patients living with long term neurological conditions using the UHS My Medical
Record patient portal. The platform interfaces with hospital and community
systems to automatically upload relevant documents and patients are encouraged
to add personal information and preferences. Through the site individuals are able
to complete health surveys online to improve communication and planning between
them and their multi-disciplinary care teams.

The accompanying research
study aims to evaluate the use, effectiveness and impact of this platform for
patients, carers and healthcare professionals. It also aims to explore how the
platform can be used in the longer term to assess clinician and patient
recorded outcome and experience measures, and how data can help focus
interventions on the right people to improve care outcomes.

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