Risk stratification to identify patients with dementia at high risk of poor outcomes for active case management versus supported self-care using Young Onset Dementia Assessment and quality of Life online carer assessments

Theme 2

Ageing and Dementia

Start date: 28/03/2018

End date: 30/09/2019

Research aims and questions

To develop a method of being able to risk stratify and identify patients or caregivers at risk of poorer outcomes.



We modified our quality of life in young-onset dementia questionnaire so it could be used as a clinician screening instrument to provide a quick overview of how patients and caregivers are managing and to identify what experiences may be causing difficulties.



We have a quality of life instrument that can be used either in research or as a clinician screening instrument.  We are continuing to formulate the conceptual background for the instrument, instructions on how it will be used, and the methodological approach for administering it (i.e. via the My Medical Record platform) and involving monitoring by clinical nurse specialists.  A number of manuscripts are in preparation, including the following:

Neurology Advice and Guidance (submitted)

Implementation of a Dementia Diagnosis Toolkit: Improving Identification of Dementia in Care Homes

The Role of Clinical Nurse Specialists in Young Onset Dementia Care

Other Partners: Bournemouth University and Wessex Memory Clinics.

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John Spreadbury

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

University of Southampton