Expansion of the Cottage Project to treat and manage risks of Hepatitis C

Theme 4

Public Health and Primary Care

The objective of the proposal is to test the feasibility of HCV delivered treatment in community pharmacies in Wessex (England). Firstly we will engage community pharmacists with blood-borne virus testing and then integrate specialist HCV treatment services in community pharmacy. This will provide an opportunity for the training of community pharmacists to deliver HCV treatment, develop validated teaching materials and a communication interface to facilitate widespread implementation of the service.



1.    Test the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of community pharmacy dry-blood spot testing for HCV in urban UK communities


2.     Deliver HCV treatment and on treatment monitoring in community pharmacy


3.     To develop an HCV treatment online secure communication platform to facilitate the safe management of HCV treatment in the community pharmacy

Key projected outcomes and impact


·       250 pharmacy clients tested for HCV in Wessex giving a likely minimum of 20 new diagnoses of HCV


·       An estimated 30 community pharmacists across the Wessex region trained to deliver dry blood spot testing for HCV


·       A validated online communication platform to facilitate community pharmacy HCV treatment


·       Widely available validated training material on HCV treatment for community pharmacists

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