Design and development of a community networked digital self-management intervention for older people to keep active with joint pain (CONTAIN Joint Pain)

Theme 5

Engagement with Self Directed Support

Paul Clarkson, Dr Ivaylo Vassilev, Professor Anne Rogers,
Dr Charlotte Brooks, Dr Ingrid Muller, Dr Nicky Wilson, Jem Lawson, Professor
Jo Adams

Research aims and questions:
- To design and develop, alongside user led groups, a digital self-management programme that is accessible to people with lower health literacy.
- To link this digital personalised self-management programme with the Genie tool.
- To explore the feasibility of the self-management programme and its integration with the Genie tool for people with joint pain.

Start date: 3rd January 2018
End date: 30th September 2019


- Developing a new social networked self-management tool for people living with joint pain: identifying individuals’ needs and priorities Rheumatology

- Paper currently being prepared with a working title of: Exploring the design, development and feasibility of a web-based self-management tool that integrates information and advice with social network support for people with joint pain
(Likely to be submitted to the Journal of Medical Internet Research)


• Community engagement and feedback through collaboration with Radian, the Saints Foundation and Southampton city library service.
• An accessible tool for improving the self-management of joint pain was designed and integrated with the Genie tool.
• Technical and conceptual complexity was associated with the integration of the tools.
• The underlying proposition of each tool was found to be beneficial for people with joint pain, however, tensions were identified with their integration.
• This study has informed a successful research grant to explore the implementation of digital tools into healthcare practice and the development of a future programme grant.

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