Mapping the availability of information and other support for managing pregnant women at risk of pre-eclampsia - with Oxford CLAHRC

Theme 5

Engagement with Self Directed Support

This project will sit alongside an existing
RCT (BUMP - Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring in Pregnancy) led by Prof Richard
McManus being delivered by Oxford and will map the involvement of professional
lay and informational support that women at risk access over time.

The overall aim of the current study is therefore to explore social support available to women who are at higher risk of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy by examining personal social networks. This work aims to extend current knowledge by: 

1.    Mapping personal social networks in pregnancy.

2.    Exploring changes in personal social networks across pregnancy (i.e. changes in the level and type of support, or network classification).  

3.    Exploring how online and offline networks interact with the health experience and care pathways in pregnancy.

4.    Exploring whether participation within the BUMP RCT (i.e. implementing a BP self-monitoring intervention in daily life) impacts on women’s social networks and pregnancy experience.

Partners: Dr Lisa Hinton, Oxford

Deliverables: Identification
of accessible and useable resources; connections for managing blood pressure in
pregnancy and post–partum; report;
ability to populate the informational and
resource database for use in the development and roll out of information
resources as part of a strategy for implementing the reduction of risk of

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