Death and dying in pre-hospital emergency care: what are the experiences and issues for health care professionals, families, bystanders and witnesses?

Theme 6

Complexity at End of Life

The aim of the preliminary work is to inform our
understanding of death and dying the in pre-hospital emergency care context.  The focus will include, but is not limited to:

1) the nature and extent of death and dying where pre-hospital emergency practitioners

2) impact on, and experiences of, pre-hospital emergency practitioners
when providing care to those who are dying or are deceased, their families, or bystanders
who have witnessed the event, and their support and training needs and how
these are currently met;

3) experiences and support needs of families and bystanders
who are present when a patient is dying or dies where pre-hospital emergenc
services are engaged.

Other partners: South Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

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