PALS (Project About Loneliness and Social isolation)

Theme 5

Engagement with Self Directed Support

The PALS (Project About Loneliness and Social isolation) study is being led by Dr Rebecca Band from the University of Southampton. PALS will evaluate the acceptability, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of implementing the GENIE intervention within a community setting to reduce loneliness and unwanted social isolation of adults in Southampton and Liverpool. 

The PALS team are working with local organisations, groups and services to conduct a pragmatic, randomised controlled trial (RCT) comparing the GENIE intervention to a waitlist control group (who will receive normal care) among 394 adults. The study is taking place over 3 years from 2018-2021. The GENIE(Generating Engagement in Network Involvement) intervention is an interactive web-based social networking tool which will be delivered by trained facilitators within the community, who support participants to create a visual map of their support network, then connect people to local organisations and others within the community who have similar needs and interests.

Other team members include: Karina Kinsella from Liverpool John Moores University 

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